Sweet revolution


Eating sweet things – that’s a reward, that’s enjoyment, sometimes a surprise. And that’s fun!

The fun factor has now been expanded by another dimension.


In a globally unique project, called CONNECT, nine well-known companies of the confectionery industry have come together and developed an industrial production process for real 3D jellies. Now it is possible to design gummy bears and jelly babies with a beautiful backside. That’s revolutionary!

We know fruit gums and jellies in many different shapes. But they all have at least one flat side or an unpleasant “dosing dot”. With this worldwide new process of CONNECT, real three-dimensional figures can be produced.  Real three-dimensional figures that always show their best side, no matter how you turn them. Wow, what an eye candy!


Three years ago a group of confectionery experts developed an idea together which came true. They researched the necessary raw material properties, created a recipe, designed shapes, and built the right production plant. Always supported scientifically to make sure that something of real market relevance comes out and not a selfie-project of a few nerds. You have to be a bit of a nerd to create something like this. And a real expert. That is the unique power of the CONNECT team: the expertise and passion of nine companies pursuing the goal of providing the best possible support to confectionery manufacturers in order to bring sweets onto the shelves that give consumers indulgence, surprise and fun.


3D jellies. The CONNECT team invented it. The candy companies of this world will – hopefully soon -–let everyone with a sweet tooth experience it.


Ready for a new dimension?

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