Norevo GmbH is an internationally established supplier of natural raw materials and a producer of specialty ingredients for applications in the food, confectionery, beverage industries, the pharma and cosmetic sectors as well as technical applications. From natural raw materials such as Gum Arabic, Agar-Agar, Honey, Agave Syrup, Licorice Extract and Waxes, to tailor-made qualities and Norevo’s professional range of Confectionery Performers, we offer natural products and functional ingredients along with technological know-how, development support and technical assistance.

Norevo is an independent company with its headquarters, production unit and in-house laboratory in Hamburg, Germany. Branch companies and production facilities are located in Hungary, Mexico, Argentina, Hong Kong and China. Based on our international set-up, Norevo’s expert team is present on a worldwide scale, offering the same product expertise and technological know-how to our international customers.


Norevo is a medium-size enterprise with commercial activities on an international level. Our head office is located in Hamburg, Germany. Affiliated companies have been established in Hungary, China, HongKong, Mexico and Argentina. Our activities are dedicated to the supply and production of natural ingredients for application in the food industry and other industrial sectors. Within the company group we care for an open-minded spirit, social responsibility and respect for the environment. We build up our future human resources by means of professional trainee programs (Business Administration) as well as individual advanced training of our international staff.


Norevo aims at a systematic development of a comprehensive management system to fulfill international standards in the field of quality assurance, product safety, environmental care and consumer’s protection. All divisions within Norevo’s company network in Germany and abroad cooperate closely to secure the implementation of high quality standards from sourcingof the natural raw materials to selling our specialty ingredients worldwide. Norevo carries out a comprehensive monitoring of all incoming and outgoing products in compliance with the ruling food legislations, pharmacopoeia or cosmetic regulations. Norevo’s worldwide staff is trained in the field of professional safety. The company acts according to the German Industrial Safety Regulations.