I search of innovative products, the texture represents a key element of every product. Besides the shape, colour and taste products are mainly differentiated through their individual texture. This applies both for chewy candies and chewing gums, as well as for mogul products such as fruit gums or jellys. With a variety of texturizers based on natural raw materials, Norevo enables the development or optimization of your individual texture for chewy candies, toffees, elastic fillings and gums or jellys.

Quick Chew is a gelatin-free texturizer for chewy candies, toffees or fillings based on raw materials from vegetable origin. Quick Chew is suitable for the production of sugar-based or sugar-free candy and applicable for vegetarian products. The texture varies from soft to hard and brittle, depending on the dosage. Quick Chew is now available in certified-organic quality.

Quick Mixx enables the production of uncookd chewy masses with a Z-kneader. The waiver of a cooking process comes along with various advantages which can be beneficial for both, manufacturers of chewy sweets as well as producers of chewing gum or other confectionery. This product development from Norevo is therefore applicable for the production of chewy candy on chewing gum production equipment. Quick Mixx is applicable in combination with or without gelatin.

Quick Gum is a quickly soluble gum arabic powder. Gum arabic – the resin of african acacia trees – is used as a vegetable hydrocolloid in various industrial appliactions. Quick Gum can be used natural texturizer from vegetable origin for sweets such as pastills, gummy bears or chewy sweets. Available in certified-organic quality.

Setgum is a gelling agent based on Agar Agar. Agar Agar is a hot-water-soluble hydrocolloid, a natural gelling agent and thickener with high gelstrength levels that allow for the preparation of highly stable and thermoreversible gels. Setgum is applied as a gelatin replacer in the production of gums and jellys.

Agar Agar is also applicable as a gel-building, thickening and texturizing agent for jellified candies, angel kisses, fruit jellies and fillings, meringues, marshmallows, ice-creams. Available in certified-organic quality and applicable for the production of vegan and vegetarian sweets.

Sugar-free, with or without gelatin, vegetarian, vegan or certified organic. Norevos texturizers allow for nearly unlimited flexibility. Visit us at Prosweets 2017, Hall 10.1 Booth D40/E41 and learn more about our Confectionery Performers.

Norevo accompanies your product developments and recipe optimizations, aiming at the creation of customers’ innovative formulations. Norevo’s specialists offer a thorough technical knowledge and long experience in the field of professional ingredients, which allows for a holistic technical assistance approach with solutions corresponding to your needs.