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Norevo’s development projects aim at a systematic optimization of ingredient properties while we continuously work on process-enhancing solutions and potentially new applications. Our team cares for the implementation of innovative product ideas to create professional ingredients with specific application profiles to meet novelty trends in the international market.

Norevo develops tailor-made ingredients according to customers’ requirements. To achieve this target, we cooperate closely with our customers’ product designers (R&D) and development partners to create a major synergy between recipe ingredients and technological expertise. Our cooperation partners are:

  • D&F Drouven GmbH (Germany), Norevo’s Partner for confectioneries:
  • Scientific cooperation for specific development projects with the University of applied science (HAW) Hamburg and the TUHHTechnische Universität Hamburg


You’ve got an innovative product idea from the food sector and you are looking for a competent partner for the realization and product development? In cooperation with our partners, we provide full-service support from the recipe and raw materials to the finished product.


Norevo’s raw material specialists offer support for product or production process optimization.


We provide our clients with practical or theoretical know-how about our raw materials and ingredients and offer organization of individual trainings and workshops in cooperation with our partner D&F Drouven.

Laboratory & Analysis

In our company-own laboratory we secure that all incoming and outgoing products and raw materials meet the applicable regulations and quality requirements.

We analyse various product specific parameters, i.e. trade analysis for honey, loss on drying, pH level and optical rotation for gum arabic or the content of glycyrrhizinic acid in licorice extract.

Analyses, that we don’t perform in the Norevo laboratory are commisioned by external labs. Our goods are always accompanied by comprehensive and detailed certificates of analysis.


Even product surface?

Migration of fat…

..or humidity from the center leads to spots and fat bloom on the product surface. Use Quick Coat to create a perfectly even surface.

Honey for baby and infant food?

Low Bac Honey…

…is a germ-reduced baking honey type for the application in baby and infant food.

Foam-inhibited licorice paste?

Licorice paste develops foam…

…during the dissolving process.  Norevo provides liquid licorice containing defoamer to faciliate your production process.

Palm oil-free recipe?

Releasing and oiling agents…

…for gums and jellies without palm oil. Sustainable and certified organic.

Looking for the right gum arabic quality?

Gum arabic…

…is diversly applicable. The diffentent gum arabic types fulfill specific functions. We’ll help you to find the right qualitiy for your application.

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