The entire world of honey


Our extensive knowledge of bee products makes us true honey specialists. Depending on their collection area and botanical origin, honey types vary in taste, color, consistency, and sweetness. These sort-specific characteristics are decisive for its sensory properties and the application areas of each individual honey product. Our expertise and international network of Norevo subsidiaries safeguard our continuous supply capabilities at a consistently high quality level.


In principle, Norevo’s honeys come from all over the world (except for the Arctic and the Antarctic). Nonetheless, our most important harvesting countries are Argentina, Mexico, China, Hungary, Brazil, Cuba, Ukraine, Chile, Bulgaria, El Salvador, Guatemala, Romania, Italy, Portugal, France, Australia, and New Zealand. Honey is derived from the nectar of different blossoms or from the juice of different plants and trees (honeydew). Depending on the type of plant, honeys differ in terms of their consistency, color, sweetness, and taste.



Norevo’s honey portfolio also includes organic and Fair Trade honeys. Their traceability back to their origin is a matter of course for us; moreover, each honey undergoes extensive quality assurance checks before it leaves the company.



Raw honey

Honey in its original and natural form.


Honey blends

Norevo’s honey expertise also includes the creation of customized blends of different honey types. Liquefied, homogenized, purified, and standardized in taste, color, and consistency according to customer requirements.


Polyflora honey

Polyflora honeys derive from the nectar of many different plants. Our blossom honeys are liquefied, homogenized, and purified and differ in taste, color, and consistency depending on their botanical origin.


Monoflora honey

Monoflora honey is primarily made from the nectar of a single type of plant. It is also liquefied, homogenized, and purified.


Honey powder

Our pulverized honey is mild in taste and odorless. It is particularly suitable for dry recipes.

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Low bac honey (germ-reduced)

Our germ-reduced honey was specifically developed for use in microbiologically sensitive products, such as infant and baby foods, as well as for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.

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Our in-house quality management team and analytical laboratory are in charge of production controls, continuous quality tests, product safety, and the classification of honey according to its taste, color, and consistency.

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Other bee products


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