Kaubonbons mit Petrischale

Texturizers for Chewy Candies

Quick Chew & Quick Mixx

Our texturizers are used to produce innovative chewy confectioneries, toffees, or chewable centers. They provide maximum flexibility with regards to the use of gelatin or sugar and are therefore also suitable for vegetarian and vegan products. Quick Mixx and Quick Chew create customized chewy textures to meet the individual requirements on a product.

Kaubonbon Textur

Quick Chew

Quick Chew is a gelatin-free texturizer for chewy candies and toffees. It is based on vegetable raw ingredients and can be used to produce sugary as well as sugar-free chewy confectionery. Quick Chew helps create customized, gelatin-free textures and is therefore suitable for the production of vegetarian and vegan chewy candies.

  • Available in organic quality

Quick Mixx

Quick Mixx is a texturizer for uncooked chewy candies. Quick Mixx is suitable for the production of kneaded gum masses (z-kneader). It allows for chewy candies to be produced on any chewing gum production line. Quick Mixx eliminates the cooking process.



Quick Chew

Quick Chew is a blend of different types of sugar and hydrocolloids. It can be used to produce pulled or aerated chewy candies with different consistencies and chewing properties.


Quick Mixx

Quick Mixx can be used to produce uncooked sugary or sugar-free gum masses in a z-kneader. It can be used in combination with or without gelatin.