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Do you want to learn more about our polishing agents for sugar- or chocolate-coated products? We gladly answer all your questions about our Confectionery Performers.

Polishing agents for sugar and chocolate coated Products

Depending on the type of application, polishing agents have to fulfill different functions. Either as a paste, powder or liquid: Norevo’s polishing agents are suitable for different types of pan-coated products.

Norevo’s polishing agents create a protective film around the product and prevent the candy from sticking together even at small dosage levels. They provide a stable and long-lasting gloss even on sensitive centers and uneven dragee surfaces.

Different applications of polishing agents: chocolate or sugar

As a basic principle, a distinction must be made between the application of polishing agents on sugar or on chocolate dragees. In terms of polishing sugar dragees, polishing waxes are distributed on the product surface and through friction in the rotating coating pan, the dragees are being polished while a high gloss is being generated.

Chocolate dragees, however, cannot be polished equally only by friction. The resulting frictional heat would cause the chocolate coating to melt, damaging the dragee. Hence, polishing agents for chocolate-coated products are liquid and water-based.

A general rule for polishing sugar and chocolate coated products is: the better the preparation of the dragee and the smoother the product surface, the better the result of the polishing process. In addition to this, parameters like humidity, temperature and air supply inside the pan play a significant role in obtaining optimal results.

Norevo’s Confectionery Performers are functional specialty products for the production and optimization of candy. From several polishing agents, to pre-coating and anti-sticking agents through to texturizers and effect coatings, Norevo designed ingredients that help confectionery producers to manufacture innovative and high-end products. We stay in close contact with our development partners and our customers to work on new products and ideas constantly.

“Through our technological know-how and longtime experience with the production and supply of high-class functional ingredients, we can offer holistic customer support and tailored solutions.” says Alexander Wolff, Strategic Manager at Norevo.

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Norevo GmbH is an internationally established supplier of natural raw materials and a producer of specialty ingredients for the food industry and other industrial applications. Our product range reaches from gum arabic, agar agar, honey, agave syrup, licorice extract and waxes, to tailor-made qualities and Norevo’s professional range of Confectionery Performers.

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