BioFach 2017 Germany,
Nuremberg 15.2. – 18.2.2017
Hall 9, Booth 9-260

Organic Ingredients and natural Functionality

The segment of organic products in the food industry and the cosmetic sector gains in importance. The annual BioFach exhibition in combination with the parallel-hosted Vivaness, are ideal platforms to get informed about the current trends in both branches.

Norevo is an international supplier of natural ingredients for the food and cosmetic industry, with long-time experience in sourcing and production of functional ingredients and a thorough know-how about natural raw materials. At BioFach 2017, Norevo presents its growing range of certified-organic raw materials for the production of organic foods and natural cosmetics.

Following the current trends of the industry, in 2017 we put a focus on organic raw honey and customized honey blends, organic royal jelly and certified-organic natural waxes. Norevo’s natural and certified-organic sweeteners honey and agave syrup are available in liquid or in powder form and hence suitable for a wide range of applications in the organic food and cosmetic industry.

In addition to that, Norevo presents its growing product line of EU-BIO, certified-organic Confectionery Performers. The organic sweets and candy sector is expanding continuously and includes much more than only fruit gums by now. Norevos certified-organic polishing agent, anti-sticking agent, pre-coating agent and texturizer allow the production of organic mogul products, pan-coated goods and chewy candies.

Visit Norevo at BioFach in Nuremberg, hall 9 booth 9-260, and discover the world of natural raw materials and functional ingredients for organic products.

Norevo GmbH is an internationally established producer and supplier of natural raw materials and special ingredients for the foodstuff and beverage industry, the pharma and cosmetics sector and for technical applications. As a specialist for natural raw materials and functional ingredients, Norevo provides standardized as well as customized products along with professional support in product development. Tailored quality, technological know-how and development support in one: Norevo’s product range includes gum arabic, agar agar, honey, agave syrup, licorice extract and waxes as well as the product line of Confectionery Performers. Norevo is halal and kosher certified for all mentioned products.

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