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This is where we discuss topics from the fields of natural raw ingredients, food trends, product highlights, trade fairs, as well as news that drive Norevo as a company.


New in the EU: COSMOS-certified organic candelilla wax from Multiceras and Norevo

As an exclusive partner of the manufacturer Multiceras, we distribute candelilla wax throughout the EU, which complies with the high organic and natural cosmetics standard COSMOS.
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Norevo supports water well project in Bénin

Norevo supports a project to construct water wells in Benin / West Africa, helping to secure the drinking water supply in the village of Assiyo in the long term. This project grants more than 100 children, who had to cover large distances for potable water, a new perspective for their future. Thanks to this measure, children have access to a better health and thus to more quality of life.
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Norevo signs UN Global Compact

Norevo signed the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative covering the fields of human rights, labor standards, environment, and anti-corruption. In complying with the ten principles of Global Compact in our international trade relations, we wish to act as role models and assume responsibility.
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Our contribution to the Initiative for Responsible Carnauba (IRC)
03/26/2021 - 16:01