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Norevo’s licorice pastes

Licorice paste is a low-viscous, pumpable liquid extra comfortable in handling. The natural licorice extract in process-oriented qualities developed by Norevo, enables a clean handling and dissolves fast and thoroughly.

Licorice paste compared to traditional forms of licorice extract, like blocks or granules, offers the benefit of dissolving distinctly faster. Furthermore, licorice paste is pumpable and allows a clean handling and optimal dosage control. Thus, the application of licorice paste in the production of foodstuffs, beverages and sweets can shorten and simplify the production process significantly.

Less foaming and sugar reduced licorice paste

Beside standardized licorice pastes, Norevo offers licorice pastes with defoamers as well as those with reduced sugar content. During production processes, licorice paste is usually added to the formulation or mixed with other components of the recipe to dissolve.
While dissolving and blending all ingredients, foam can establish which could obstruct and delay further production. Norevo’s licorice paste with defoamers solves this problem and enables a foam-reduced processing.

Norevo’s sugar reduced licorice paste is applicable for many industrial uses that target a sugar reduced finished product.

Licorice extract (succus liquiritiae) is the concentrated, natural extract of the licorice root acquired by water and steam extraction. Glycyrrhizin, the essential active ingredient in those roots, is a strong sweetening glycoside. Licorice extract is sweetening, debittering and very aromatic, making it versatilely applicable various industrial applications. Furthermore licorice extract is known for its natural coloring properties.

Licorice Extract by Norevo

Licorice extract is available in traditional forms like blocks, granules or powder. In addition to this, Norevo developed process-oriented qualities of licorice extract. Amongst those is our dust-reduced Licorice Powder as well as our licorice pastes. Besides the standardized qualities, we offer tailor made powder blends meeting our customers’ individual requirements.

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