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Norevo is known as a worldwide honey specialist with a thorough knowledge about bee products. Honeys naturally differ from one another according to their botanical and geographical origins. Their characteristics vary from type to type and this honey-inherent variety determines the sensory properties and fields of application of each single honey type.

Norevo´s honey experts are present in all main crop regions in the world. Our long-standing expertise plus our company sourcing network throughout the world ensure regular, continuous supplies quantitatively with a stable quality level. Norevo’s honeys are halal, kosher and organic certified.



Natural flavouring and sweetening ingredient for spreads, desserts, fine food and savouries.


Natural flavouring and sweetening ingredient as well as binding agent for the dough of gingerbread, florentines, fruitcake.


Flavouring, sweetening, binding ingredient for cereal bars and breakfast cereals.

Baby- & infant food

Special honey as a natural sweetening and flavouring ingredient for mix-purees, dairies and beverages for baby/infant food.


Sweetening and flavouring ingredient for juices, liquors and traditional alcoholic drinks (e.g. mead and honey-based spirits).


Honey-filled hard candies, gums, jellies and toffees.


Ingredient in creams, masks, lotions, soaps, bodycare and haircare products.


Sweetening, flavouring, soothing ingredient in cough syrup, pastilles, medicinal products.

Packers / bottlers

Honey supply to packers/bottlers for wholesale and retail sale.

Qualities & Honey Types

Raw honey

Bee honeys in their natural and original form.

Honey blends

Customized honey blends – liquefied, homogenized, purified and standardized in taste, color and consistency.

Polyflora honey

Blossom honey and honeydew honey – liquefied, homogenized, purified. Taste, color and consistency vary according by botanical origin.

Monofloral Honey

Obtained from the nectar of one dominating blossom species. Liquefied, homogenized, purified honey.

Honey powder

Honey in powder form. Mild in taste and practically odourless. Especially suitable for dry recipes.

Low Bac Honey

Germ-reduced or low-bacterial honey (baking honey) that fits the applications in baby/infant food as well as pharma and cosmetic products.

Key facts about honey


“Honey is the natural sweet substance produced by bees (Apis mellifera) from the nectar of plants (…), which the bees collect, transform by combining with specific substances of their own, deposit, dehydrate, store and leave in honeycombs to ripen and mature” (European Council Directive 2001/110/EC). Basically, honey comes from all over the world, except for the Artic and Antartic regions. Main honey producing countries are Argentina, Mexico, China, Brazil, Cuba, Ukraine, Hungary, Chile, Bulgaria, El Salvador, Guatemala, Romania, Italy, Portugal, France, Australia and New Zealand.

Product & Sourcing


Honey comes from the nectar of blossoms or from the sap of various plants and trees (honeydew). Depending on the flower species, honeys differ in their consistency, color, sweetness and taste.

Honey types

Honey occurs naturally, mainly as monofloral or polyflora honey types. Monoflora honeys are obtained from the nectar of one dominating blossom. Polyflora honeys are obtained from the combined nectar of various flower species.


During the honey harvest, the beekeeper removes the wax-sealed honeycombs from the beehive, removes the wax and extracts the honey out of the combs.

Processing by Norevo

production process

In Norevo´s production facilities, the raw honey is analyzed, homogenized, purified and standardized to meet the qualitative requirements of industrial honey users.


Norevo low bac honey is a germ-reduced baking honey type which is produced out of honey. It meets the requirements of baking honey according to the European Council Directive 2001/110/EC and is suitable for use in baby/infant food. The processing takes place in our own facilities and follows a process from own development.

Quality control

Norevo’s Quality Assurance department along with our laboratory supervise the entire production process to ensure regular quality controls, product safety and the classification of honey according to defined taste, colour and consistency criteria.

Royal Jelly & Bee pollen

Royal Jelly is a secretion out of the hypopharyngeal glands of worker bees (Apis mellifera) which is fed to bee larvae, queen bees and their larvae within a bee colony

Royal Jelly, the feeding substance for queen bees, is a natural bee product. In the food sector, especially in food supplements, it is consumed either pure or as a functional component in finished products. In pharmaceutical products and natural medicines it is used as an active substance with health promoting properties. For apitherapy purposes it is a key product from the bee-hive which is either consumed orally or applied externally. Wellness products and natural cosmetics integrate Royal Jelly more and more in their formulations due to their antimicrobial properties and nurturing functionality.

Bee pollen is collected by Honey bees (Apis mellifera) on all types of flowers and stored in the beehive.  Apart from nutritional properties, Bee Pollen is said to have a strengthening effect on the immune system, a lowering effect on cholesterol and a general ability to inhibit ailments. The combined effect on nutrition, health and general well-being makes Bee Pollen a high-value nutraceutical. In the field of natural cosmetics, Bee Pollen is a component for regenerating skincare lotions and creams.



Royal Jelly and bee pollen are used as a nutritional and health promoting ingredient in nutraceuticals , pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


The fresh filtered, purified and homogenized royal jelly is either freezed at max.-18°C or  freeze-dried (lyophilized) to powder.


Norevo is certified by Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie (DE-ÖKO-001, EU-BIO). Organic Royal Jelly fulfills the requirements of the European Directive Nr.834/2007.

Agave Syrup

Organic Agave Syrup is a syrup concentrate from vegetable origin. It is obtained from the Mexican, wild-growing Agave Salmiana  and Agave Tequilana plants. Norevo supplies the natural sweetener Organic Agave Syrup in liquid and powder forms.

Norevo is certified by Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH DE-ÖKO-001, EU-BIO. Organic Agave Syrup Salmiana and Tequilana both meet the requirements of the European Directive Nr.834/2007.


Agave syrup is used as a natural sweetener from plant origin in foodstuffs, sweets and beverages.


Depending on the bontanical origin (Salmiana or Tequilana) the syrup is either light or dark. Organic Agave syrup light-coloured quality has a neutral, mild and sweet till slightly caramel-like taste.Organic Agave syrup dark-coloured quality has a malt and caramel flavour. Organic Agave syrup powder is a neutral sweetener alternative for sugar and honey powder.


The high sweetening power of Agave Syrup Powder (380 kcal/100g) enables low sugar levels in sweetened recipes with a reduced caloric value.

Pumpable honey?

For better handling…

…we make sure that the honey fits your specific production process requirements.

Honey for baby and infant food?

Low Bac Honey…

…is a germ-reduced baking honey type for the application in baby and infant food.

individual honey blends?


…honey blends, mixed from diffenrent honey types, to fit your specification.

Natural sweetener in powder form?

For dry formulations…

…honey powder or agave syrup powder can be used as a natural sweetener.

Alternative sweetenening ingredient?

Honey and Agave syrup…

…are excellent natural sweetening ingredients and are applicable in vegetarian and vegan (agave syrup) recipes.

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