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The natural functionality of honey as a sweetening and flavouring ingredient is a sensory asset for the food industry. The natural properties of honey allow for almost unlimited opportunities in the field of recipe creations and food applications, all of them using the sweetening and flavouring ability of honey, the crunchy effect of honey powder, the nutritional power of bee honey as a source of natural sugars and a functional component for the specific market sector of healthfood and wellness products.

From recipe creations to food applications

Wherever and whenever it is used, honey means sweetness and flavour. It can also be used for its natural colouring properties. The added value of customized honey blends consists of an easy and clean handling, a more convenient production process by using a pumpable honey quality, a perfect sensory match of sweetness, taste, flavour, colour or texture.

Norevo offers tailor-made honey blends according to your individual requirements. Along with the product itself, we share and provide a long-standing experience and knowledge of the worldwide sourcing countries and their specificity, the stringent quality regulations around this natural bee product as well as our flexible ability to modulate and adapt our production of customized lots to the versatile requirements of the food industry, especially regarding the key criteria that are the colour, taste, odour, humidity, viscosity, texture and the consistency.Quality control of both the raw honeys and the batch production of blends is carried out partly in-house, partly in specialized external labs.

From natural raw materials such as gum acacia, agar agar, honey, agave syrup, licorice extract and waxes, to tailor-made qualities and Norevo’s professional range of Confectionery Performers, we offer natural products and functional ingredients along with technological know-how, development support.

At FIE 2017 we present our range of natural raw materials and tailor-made ingredients for the food and beverage producing industry.

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