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Gum Acacia Qualities

Depending on its botanical origin – Acacia Senegal or Acacia Seyal  – gum arabic varies in its properties as an ingredient for food, cosmetics or technical applications. The different types, qualities and forms of dosage of Gum Acacia offer various functional advantages and disadvantages.

Properties of Gum Acacia

Gum Acacia is a natural hydrocolloid of GMO-free, botanical origin. Due to its excellent emulsifying and stabilizing properties, it works very well for a number of applications in the foodstuff, beverage, sweets and cosmetic industry as well as for technical applications. Besides that, gum arabic is a low-calorie polysaccharide that contains more than 85% of water-soluble fibres. Gum Acacia is a harmless ingredient for human consumption and enjoys the status ADI-non specified, which means no limitation in the acceptable daily intake.

Areas of application for Gum Acacia are for example suspensions and emulsions for sweets, desserts, sauces or dressings. In soft drinks, beer mixed drinks and wine gum arabic is used as a stabilizer. For pills and capsules, it is used as a film-building and coating agent and in cosmetics it functions as a texturizer and thickener.

With this wide of a range of application fields, a qualified guidance through the different types and dosages is of great value. Norevo supports you choosing the right product for your application and your production process.

Gum Acacia is available in standardized qualities which are easily applicable and well storable. The different Gum Acacia types can be composed based on the customer’s requirements and application fields.

„As a supplier of Gum Acacia with over 100 years of experience in the procurement and processing of this natural, botanical raw material, we can provide a solution for any possible problem our customers might face during the production process. The development of a foam-reduced gum arabic powder is just one example of this.”
Alexander Wolff, Strategic Manager at Norevo

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