A naturally performing stabilizer for beverages

Gum Arabic (Acacia Gum) is a natural hydrocolloid with a polyvalent functionality across the food industry. Gum Arabic Quick Gum – a product development by Norevo – offers highly efficient stabilizing, suspending and emulsifying properties to beverage manufacturers and producers of flavoured emulsions and concentrates.

Polyvalent functionality

Gum Arabic Quick Gum has the ability to homogenize and stabilize flavour or beverage emulsions, to maintain liquid compositions in stable suspension without a negative skimming effect and to encapsulate the micro-particles of spray-dried flavour powders. Through its perfect wettability and quick dissolution time, Quick Gum provides homogeneous emulsions in a minimum of time. Another functional property of Quick Gum is its ability to encapsulate aromatic spray-powders, which impedes their oxidation, and hence protects their olfactive and gustatory properties over a longer time. It allows for a perfectly stable texture of oil-in-water emulsions. Having a neutral taste and odour, Quick Gum is a natural carrier that enables a full flavour release of the various recipe components. Adequate to produce a certain turbidity in liquids, Quick Gum is equally able to provide clear and transparent emulsions corresponding to the sensory characteristics of the product. Heat- and acid-stable, Quick Gum is easy to handle and integrate to any production process.

Application areas

Soft drinks, fruit-flavoured water a/o milk-based beverages, smoothies, soft-alcoholic drinks, light-coloured or dark aromatic emulsions as well as transparent or turbid emulsions benefit from the performing properties of Norevo’s beverage stabilizer Gum Arabic Quick Gum. Traditionally incorporated as a basic ingredient in pharmaceutical pastilles, it subsequently made its way into sweets and candies, fine foods, cosmetics and beverages as well as technical applications. Gum Arabic is available in certified-organic quality.

Norevo has been involved in the sourcing, trade and processing of Gum Arabic (Acacia Gum) for more than 100 years and belongs to the leading producers of this natural hydrocolloid on a worldwide scale. “The thorough know-how, we gained and the sourcing network, we built over the years, has made Gum Arabic to one of our signature products.”, says Alexander Wolff, strategic manager at Norevo.

Unique properties among the natural hydrocolloids

Gum Arabic is the Gummy exudate of naturally growing African Acacia species and classified as a natural hydrocolloid. From this raw material, we have developed Quick Gum, optimizing the properties of the genuine Gum to offer tailormade, process-oriented qualities to the confectionery, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Quick Gum offers both the unique characteristics of Gum Arabic plus the enhanced functionality of a purified and refined gum in quick-soluble powder form. It is fully soluble in water – also in cold water – even at high concentration levels up to 50%. Compared to other hydrocolloids, it shows a low viscosity and an outstanding acid stability.

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