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Gum arabic: natural food adhesive

Due to the excellent film-forming and adhesive properties of gum arabic, the resin from the acacia tree is often used as a natural glue or emulsifier for the production of foodstuff, beverage, sweets and cosmetic industry as well as for technical applications. As an example, gum arabic is well suited to adhere nuts to chocolates or to coat snacks with seasoning. In terms of technical applications, gum arabic is applied as glue for cigarette paper.

Gum arabic (acacia gum) is the exudate of acacia trees from the African region Sahel. It is a natural hydrocolloid with polyvalent properties that is often used as a natural glue or emulsifier for the production of foodstuff, beverage, sweets and cosmetic industry as well as for technical applications.

Properties of gum arabic

Gum arabic offers a unique multi-functionality for a wide range of applications. It shows excellent emulsifying features, as well as ideal stabilization and suspension properties for beverages or beverage emulsions, cosmetics, or other emulsions. gum arabic is an encapsulation agent for spray-dried flavors and a popular binding agent for powder products. Due to its low-viscous and acid resistant performance it is a popular film-forming, protective colloid and a natural sticking agent.

Gum arabic used to be the basic substance for the liquid glue and adhesive on the sticking side of a post stamp. Nowadays, the natural colloidal properties of gum arabic are still utilized for glues and industrial adhesives. In pharmaceutical compounds, pressed pills, sweets or snacks the colloid binding and sticking performance of gum arabic is being made use of, as well.

Gum arabic is available in standardized qualities which are easily applicable and well storable. The different Gum arabic types can be composed based on the customer’s requirements and application fields.

Gum arabic is offered in standardized qualities which are easily applicable, well storable and fast dissolving even in cold water. The different gum arabic types can be composed to blends meeting the customer’s individual requirements and application fields. gum arabic is a natural hydrocolloid of GMO-free, botanical origin. Besides that, gum arabic is a low-calorie polysaccharide that contains more than 85% of water-soluble fibres. gum arabic is a harmless ingredient for human consumption and enjoys the status ADI-non specified, which means no limitation in the Acceptable Daily Intake.

“As an internationally operating, experienced supplier and producer of gum arabic, we can offer this natural raw material in different types and qualities: as pieces, as granules, as certified-organic gum arabic or as the purified, quickly soluble powder type “Quick Gum”, explains Norevo’s Strategic Manager, Alexander Wolff.

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