Experience our natural raw materials and tailor-made ingredients at Food Ingredients Europe 2017. With more than 100 years of experience in sourcing and production of gum acacia, Norevo is the raw material expert at your side.

Gum Arabic is the gummy exudate of acacia species naturally growing in Africa and mostly coming from the geographic „Gum Belt“region that stretches across the continent from Nigeria to Ethiopia and Somalia south of Sahara desert. The main supply countries are Sudan, Chad, Nigeria.

Application areas

Depending on its botanical origin – Acacia Senegal or Acacia Seyal  – gum arabic varies in its properties as an ingredient for food, cosmetics or technical applications. The different types, qualities and forms of dosage of gum arabic offer various functional advantages and disadvantages.

Fields of application for gum arabic are for example emulsions and suspensions for sweets, desserts, dressings or sauces. In soft drinks, in beer mixed drinks, as well as in wine gum arabic can be used as a stabilizer. For pills and capsules, it is used as a film-forming and coating agent and in cosmetics it functions as a thickener and texturizer.

With this big of a range of application areas, a qualified advice about the different types and dosages is of great value. Norevo guides you through finding the right type of gum arabic for your product, your application and your production process.

Customized qualities

According to your individual customer specification regarding the intended function of the ingredient, the application area and the quality and price requirements, our product specialists choose your tailor-made gum acacia blend.

Thus, the application of a natural, customized raw material enables the creation of an innovative product. Two fundamental characteristics of foodstuffs generally appear to be their flavour – preferably defined as brand specific and easily recognizable – and their texture – preferably defined as providing a unique mouthfeel. For the food industry, it concretely means that the aforementioned sensory properties may represent the unique selling proposition of a foodstuff, which in turn serves to differentiate this product from the competitors’ product. These properties are evidence of quality, origin of the components and consumption benefits of a product, i.e. criteria that personalize the brand and, at the end of the day, may positively influence the buying behaviour of the customer.

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