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Do you want to learn more about our glazing and anti-sticking agents for mogul products? We gladly answer all your questions about our Confectionery Performers.

Quick Oil: Anti-Sticking Agent for Mogul Products

Norevo’s Quick Oils are anti-sticking agents based on highly stable, oxidation-resistant oils and purified waxes. The oiling agents, applicable on hard and soft mogul products, create a subtle shine on the product surface and prevent gummi candy from sticking together inside their packaging. Moreover, the oil layer provides protection against drying out.

Quick Oil is ready to use, and can be dosed ideally. An exact dosage prevents the gummies from becoming either too greasy, leaving an unwanted oil film inside the packaging, or too sticky, causing the gummies to stick together.
To refine your finished product individually, Quick Oil can be flavored according to your individual requirements.

Polish for Organic Gums & Jellies

Besides the palm oil free versions of the separating agent, Norevo developed a certified organic quality, which enables the application on organic gums and jellies.

Depending on texture and composition, mogul products have different demands on a glazing and anti-sticking agents. Norevo developed various compounds of Quick Oil to meet different application requirements. It is applicable for hard and soft, gelatin-free, or gelatin-containing products, as well as for products with an unusual form.

We’re happy to assist you picking the right Quick Oil for your application!

Norevo’s Confectionery Performers are functional specialty products for the production and optimization of sweets. From glazing, pre-coating agents, to several polishing and releasing agents to texturizers and effect coatings, Norevo developed ingredients that help confectionery manufacturers to produce innovative and top-quality products.

Together with our development partners and our customers, we work on new ideas and products continuously.

“Through our technological know-how and longtime experience with the production and supply of high-class functional ingredients, we can offer holistic customer support and tailored solutions.” says Alexander Wolff, Strategic Manager at Norevo.

Norevo is an internationally established manufacturer of natural raw materials and functional ingredients for the production of foodstuffs and beverages, flavors, confectionery and bakery products, dairies and fine food, dietary and wellness products as well as cosmetic, pharmaceutical and technical applications.
Besides Confectionery Performers, the product portfolio includes gum arabic, honey and bee products, licorice extract, agave syrup, agar agar and waxes.

For more information about the application of Quick Oil on gummi and jelly candy, please contact us!


Norevo GmbH is an internationally established supplier of natural raw materials and a producer of specialty ingredients for the food industry and other industrial applications. Our product range reaches from gum arabic, agar agar, honey, agave syrup, licorice extract and waxes, to tailor-made qualities and Norevo’s professional range of Confectionery Performers.

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