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Low Bac Honey by Norevo

Norevo has developed a validated method for the production of germ-reduced (low bacterial) honey, which is eligible for sweetening of baby and infant foods. The heat-treated quality enables industrial producers to use low bacterial honey as a sweetening ingredient, which reflects the positive image of honey as a valuable natural component for foodstuff.

Honey is a pure, raw, natural product that can contain spores of bacteria, which may be a danger to a baby’s health. Thus, commercial honey is not recommended as food for babies.

 Honey from Norevo applicable for baby food

Norevo has developed a special method of heat treatment, to lower the germ load in honey to a point where it can be used as a natural sweetener for baby food. Also, Norevo’s Low Bac Honey is particularly suitable for an application in cosmetics and natural cosmetics, to keep the germ load, for instance in face  and body lotions, low.

Honey is a natural bee (Apis mellifera) product. Honey is ruled in Europe by the EU Directive 2001/110/EC. The Commission of the Codex Alimentarius (Joint FAO / WHO Food Standard Programme) has written out an international honey standard (Codex Stan 12-1981, Rev.1 (1987), Rev.2 (2001). Organic honey is controlled in Europe by the European Regulation (EC) No.834/2007 on Ecological Agriculture, which defines the quality parameters to be respected by beekeepers and apicultural farmers. Among the 30 – 40 parameters that are being analysed on honey entering the EU, the following ones are commonly known: HMF, sugar content, moisture, diastase activity and sucrose content, colour, adulterations, antibiotic residues.

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Norevo GmbH is an internationally established supplier of natural raw materials and a producer of specialty ingredients for the food industry and other industrial applications. Our product range reaches from gum arabic, agar agar, honey, agave syrup, licorice extract and waxes, to tailor-made qualities and Norevo’s professional range of Confectionery Performers.

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