Discover Norevo's Confectionery Performers and their functions in the production of sweets!

Confectionery Performers

Norevo‘s Confectionery Performers are a professional range of special ingredients for the production of sweets such as sugar-coated, chocolate-coated or compound-coated dragees, gums, jellies, or chewy toffees. Our Confectionery Performers are used for stabilizing, glazing, whitening and sealing of various types of pan-coated products in which they reduce the risk of spot formation through water or oil migration on the product surface. They offer an alternative to shellac for sealing purposes. They provide chewy toffees with the right texture without using animal gelatine. They act as anti-sticking agents for gums and jellies. Norevo’s Confectionery Performers are based on natural raw materials and are available in Kosher and Halal-certified qualities; some Confectionery Performers within our range are offered in organic-certified quality.

Norevo’s professional range of Confectionery Performers is developed and produced in-house and provides the worldwide confectionery manufacturers with functional ingredients for innovative product formulations. We make sweets better!


Pan-coated sugar products

Ingredients for an optimal pan-coating result, stable and long-lasting glaze and effect-coatings for hard or soft-coated products.

Chocolate dragées

Ingredients for an optimal pan-coating result, stable and long-lasting glaze and effect-coatings for chocolate and compound products.

Gums and jellies

Polishing, anti-sticking and releasing agents for mogul or extruded gums and jellies.

Chewy toffees

Gelatine-free texturizers for an optimized mouthfeel and a perfect consistency of chewy toffees.

Spice-coated nuts and snacks

Natural adhesive for spice-coated nuts and other snacks items.

Technical function

Releasing agents for product moulds, conveyor belts and equipment surfaces.

Confectionery Performers

Glazing agents for pan-coated chocolate products

Quick Shine, Quick Sol, Quick Gloss plus
Water-based glazing and sealing agents with optimum film-building properties for panned goods on chocolate and compound basis. They generate an intensive brilliance with a long-lasting gloss on the dragée surface.

Glazing agent for sugar-coated dragées

Quick Glanz
A range of glazing and sealing agents composed of various natural waxes and oils for soft and hard sugar-coated products. Quick Glanz creates a brilliant and glossy surface within a short application time.

Anti-sticking agents

Quick Oil
Norevo’s anti-sticking, polishing and oiling agents prevent stickiness of mogul or extruded gums and jellies. Properties: simple application, easy dosage, subtle and consistent shine on the product surface.

Souring Agnet for jellies

Quick Acid Coated acid for surface application on gums and jellies. Creates a stable, intense sour taste.

Pre-Coating / Gumming agent

Quick Coat
Quick Coat is a multifunctional pre-coating or gumming agent used for the pre-treatment, standardization and stabilization of pan-coated products. Suitable for sugar or chocolate products either based on saccharose or polyols.

Coating agent

Quick Shell 37
Quick Shell 37 is a coating agent to create a stable coating shell in a short processing time. It allowes for a quick weight increase and a significant time reduction of the hard-panning process.

Whitening agent

Quick White
Quick White is a declaration friendly whitener for hard sugar-coated products. It generates a stable, white and even surface on pan-coated products without using titanium dioxide.

Effect Coatings

Quick Sour, Quick Flash, Quick Pearl
Creates an intense sour or salty impact in pan-coated products or a pearlescent effect on the surface of pan-coated products.

Sealing agent

Quick Lac
Multifunctional sealing agent for sugar- and chocolate-coated goods. Quick Lac is based on selected shellac qualities. It protects the gloss of pan-coated goods against unstable environmental conditions (humidity, dust, temperature etc.) and mechanical stress.


Quick Chew, Quick Mixx
Texturizers for the simplified production of gelatine-free chewy and toffees or uncooked chewy candies. Applicable in sugar-based or sugar-free products to achieve a tailor-made texture.


Quick Coll
Quick Coll is a food-grade adhesive and polishing powder for snacks such as spice-coated nuts and other coated items. Quick Coll creates a stable adhesiveness and builds up a protective and isolating surface layer which minimises the rub-off effect and related spice loss.

Development & Support

Norevo accompanies your product developments and recipe optimizations, aiming at the creation of customers’ innovative formulations. Norevo’s specialists offer a thorough technical knowledge and long experience in the field of professional ingredients, which allows for a holistic technical assistance approach with solutions corresponding to your needs.

Together with our partner, D&F Drouven (Germany), we cooperate continuously to create, develop and offer a full range of innovative ingredients along with our technical support.

Stable edges and surfaces on pan-coated products?


…or gumming prevents brittle edges or surfaces on pan-coated sugar and chocolate products. Norevo Quick Coat stabilizes and standardizes the product center for an optimal coating.

Palm oil-free recipe?

Releasing and oiling agents…

…for gums and jellies without palm oil. Sustainable and certified organic.

High gloss for pan-coated products?

For sugar or chocolate-coated products…

…even under challenging polishing conditions.  Norevo’s glazing agents provide a glossy finish.

Chewy sweets with tailor-made texture?

Hard or soft…

…sugar-free, sugar-containing, with or without gelatine: Quick Chew provides the right texture.

Even product surface?

Migration of fat…

..or humidity from the center leads to spots and fat bloom on the product surface. Use Quick Coat to create a perfectly even surface.

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