Quick Shell37 is a natural gumming and coating agent from Norevo, based on selected hydrocolloids and sugars. The new product allows for a quick application of sugar layers in the production of pan-coated products. Quick Shell37 does also very effectively stabilize fragile or very soft centers.

Quick Shell37 is a coating agent to create a stable dragée shell in a very short processing time, thereby offering various advantages.

  • Shortening and increasing the efficiency of the coating process
  • Quick weight increase of the dragée
  • Smoothing of the center surface
  • Stabilization of fragile centers
  • Creating a barrier against migration of fat, acid and humidity
  • Innovative texture of the coating shell

Process optimization

The combination of the raw material and the associated coating technology offers innovations for the production process of sugar-coated products. In applying the highly efficient coating agent, a solution of sugar and Quick Shell37 is applied to the center and sprinkled with coating sugar. This step is repeated several times, but – unlike a conventional pan-coating process – takes place without any aeration. Finally, the product must be temporarily stored to allow the sugar coating to crystallize.

By applying Quick Shell37 it is possible to increase the weight of the dragée by 15-20% in under an hour of processing time. In terms of the overall coating process, the new product from the Confectionery Performers range opens up new possibilities for increasing efficiency regarding:

  • Reduction of nearly 1/3 in production time
  • Lower energy consumption (air and heat)
  • Materials and staff resources

The result is an even dragée shell with a crisp texture, similar to a hard sugar shell. Quick Shell37 can be applied to nearly every kind of center and is suitable for both sugar and chocolate dragées.

Innovative Products

Beyond the process optimization, Quick Shell37 also lets you easily expand your product range. From a process technology point of view, Quick Shell37 promises manufacturers of dragées – especially chocolate dragées – a simple entrance into the sugar dragée market, since it allows to produce a hard sugar shell without the introduction of hot air.

Quick Shell37 extends Norevo’s range of Confectionery Performers. Confectionery Performers are functional ingredients for application in the production of sweets such as sugar- or chocolate-coated products, gums and jellies, chewy cadies or toffees. They are based on natural raw materials and come from own development and production.

Together with our partner, D&F Drouven (Germany), we cooperate continuously to create, develop and offer a full range of innovative ingredients along with our technical support. Norevo’s specialists offer a thorough technical knowledge and long experience in the field of professional ingredients, which allows for a holistic technical assistance approach with solutions corresponding to your needs.