Quick Chew: Gelantinefreie Kaubonbons

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Quick Chew: Gelatin-free chewy candy

Quick Chew is a gelatin-free texturizer for chewy candy and toffees. Chewy candies are sugar products with a typical elastic chewy texture, which are produced by means of a sugar pulling machine or by pressure-aerating in a discontinuous or continuous high pressure whipping machine.
So far, the soft texture of chewing gums has mainly been obtained by the use of animal gelatin. Now Quick Chew offers the vegetarian, gelatin-free alternative.

Vegetarian alternative for gelatin

Quick Chew is a functional, vegetarian gelatin replacer to produce all kinds of chewy candy. It is easier to use than gelatin and it is applicable for the production of pulled, as well as extruded chewing gums. Quick Chew is a compound combining ingredients from vegetable origin. Thus, it is universally usable for both kosher and halal certified candy as well as for mere vegetarian products. Quick Chew also enables you to individually determine the texture and mouthfeel of your product. The characteristics of a chewing gum vary depending on the recipe and production process.

Quick Chew makes it possible to achieve a tailor-made texture, compliant with your individual customer requirements. Through its neutral taste and smell, the production of chewing gums, toffees or soft fill masses is possible in every desired aromatization – without the use of gelatin.

Norevo’s Confectionery Performers are functional specialty products for the production of sweets. From pre-coating and anti-sticking agents to several polishing agents, through to texturizers and effect coatings, Norevo designed ingredients that help confectionery manufacturers to produce innovative and high-class products. We stay in close contact with our development partners and our customers to work on new ideas and products continuously.

“Through our technological know-how and longtime experience with the production and supply of high-class functional ingredients, we can offer holistic customer support and tailored solutions.” says Alexander Wolff, Strategic Manager at Norevo.

For more information about the application of Quick Chew for the production of chewy candy and toffees without gelatin, please contact us!

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