Norevo’s polishing agents for chocolate-coated products promise optimal polishing results in every application. They are suitable for clean-label or certified-organic products, uneven product surfaces and successful polishing applications even under challenging conditions.

The finishing and polishing process in the production of pan-coated chocolate products is an art by itself. A general rule for the polishing of chocolate-coated products is: the better the preparation of the dragee and the smoother the product surface, the better the result of the polishing process. Nevertheless, the selection and adjustment of the polishing agent to the properties of the product and the production environment is an equally important success factor.

In addition to this the type of center, the applied chocolate and parameters like humidity level, temperature, and air supply inside the pan play a significant role in obtaining optimal results.

Norevo has developed a range of chocolate polishing agents that offer the right solution for every application. The polishing and sealing agents complete our application range for chocolate-coated products in the range of Confectionery Performers.


Quick Sol GS: declaration-friendly polishing agent for uneven surfaces

Quick Sol GS is a glucose-based chocolate polishing agent with an oil component which creates a stable surface gloss on even and uneven product surfaces. The application of Quick Sol GS usually allows to skip the shellac-based sealing step, if applied under optimum conditions.

Quick Sol GS creates a shiny surface on all kinds of chocolate-coated products in only one application step. Due to its special composition, Quick Sol GS is extremely declaration-friendly and therefore especially suitable for “clean-label” products.


Polishing with Quick Glossplus under challenging conditions

Quick Glossplus is a liquid, ready-to-use polishing and sealing agent for chocolate and compound dragees.

The water-based and alcohol-free solution creates a stable, uniform and glossy surface even at high ambient temperatures, humidity levels or limited supply of conditioned air to the coating pan. Quick Glossplus is universally applicable and promises flawless results for the finished product.

Quick Glossplus dries up quickly and prevents the dragees from sticking together in the polishing pan or the packaging. Efficient at low dosage levels, it provides a uniform polish and sealing of the gloss without a special sealing with shellac or other sealing agents.


BIO Quick Shine: certified-organic polishing agent for chocolate dragees

The gum-arabic-based polishing agent for pan-coated chocolate products creates a brilliant shine within a short time. The aqueous solution is ready to use and acts as a protective layer on the product surface.

Quick Shine is available in certified-organic quality. In the formulation of the organic polishing solution, the palm-oil content was replaced by a natural, organic-certified sunflower oil.

The composition of BIO Quick Shine strictly contains EU-BIO-certified raw materials to obtain a highly concentrated, preservative-free solution which allows the user to individually define its dry substance rights before the application. BIO Quick Shine therefore allows for the professional production of glossy and organic chocolate-coated products.

Norevo‘s Confectionery Performers are a professional range of special ingredients for the production of sweets such as sugar-coated, chocolate-coated or compound-coated dragees, gums, jellies, or chewy toffees. Our product specialists accompany your product developments and recipe optimizations, aiming at the creation of customers’ innovative formulations.

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