Natural raw materials –
pure, refined
and re-invented.

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Natural raw materials, and special ingredients derived from them, are our driving force for more than 120 years. Based on this power, Norevo has thrived to become an internationally established supplier and consultant for different key industries.

Rohstoffe Honig, Lakritz, Gummi Arabicum

Our products

The pure power of raw materials

Honey, Licorice Extract, Gum Acacia and other fine raw materials – The quality and purity of our products meet the requirements and high standards of the food, confectionery and beverage industry. Our international customers from the pharma and cometic sector place their trust in us and value the long-standing partnership with Norevo.


Our Services

Norevo's vision for tomorrow's products

We are pleased to provide consulting for the right raw materials, their funcitonalities and qualities as well as the correct processing technology for optimal results in the final product. Trust in our international team of food techologists with more than 120 years of experience in processing and refining high-quality raw materials.

Our news

Norevo signs UN global compact

Norevo signed the commitment for United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative covering the fields of human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption. By complying with the ten principles of the Global Compact in our trade relations, we want to provide an example and take responsibility.

Norevo supports water well project in Bénin

Norevo supports water well-constuction projects in Bénin / West Africa and helps to secure drinking water supply in the village of Assiyo. With this project more than 100 children get new perspectives for their future, because drinking water was only available in a far distance. This measure gives the children access to better health and more quality of life.

Quick White – the new whitening ingredient

Titanium dioxide was yesterday. But which coating agent is suitable instead to get the best and most sustainable results? Quick White is Norevo‘s answer. With Quick White, the Norevo’s food technologists from Norevo developed a new whitening agent, mainly suitable for application in the confectionery industry, to optimize the surface of pan-coated products.

Responsible investment into the future

As an internationally operating company, focussing on the production and supply of natural raw materials, we feel obliged to invest into a sustainable future All of our actions, our decisions and the innovative and sustainable management of Norevo are driven by the focus on the human impact on nature.

Alexander Wolff

Job Optionen

Our employment options

Naturally happy

Working at Norevo means acting internationally and making people happy through natural raw materials. We are manufacturers, traders, problem solvers, researchers and inventors at the same time. Be part of our team and support us to find new opportunities and ideas to create success stories made from natural raw materials.

If you are interested in a trainee programm or a professional position in our team, please send your application directly to our HR department.

Our Company

At home around the globe

Norevo is an internationaly acting company with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. Our five subsidiaries around the globe secure the supply chain of all our natural products and resources.
Our locations in Hungary, Mexico, Argentina, China and Hong Kong facilitate an optimized logistics into our customers‘ core markets while preventing a high amount of emissions through short transportation routes at the same time.