Honey, Natural Sweeteners, Bee Products

A key business unit within the Norevo company dedicates its activities to honey. No other product in the world is perceived by consumers with the same positiveness as honey is because honey means natural sweetness, taste and energy. Products that include honey in their recipes have an added value in terms of quality ingredient from a natural and/or ecological source.

Norevo’s expertise covers the whole supply chain from sourcing honey from beekeepers throughout the world until providing a wide range of qualities to fit into our customers’ recipes and production processes.

  • Honey: a wide variety of natural, monofloral or polyflora honey types for retail packing and direct consumption.
  • Industrial honey blends are produced in homogenized, purified and standardized qualities in our production plants in order to meet the requirements of industrial honey users.
    Alternatively, Norevo offers à-la-carte honey blends, i.e. customized honey qualities according to the specific recipe requirement of the international food manufacturers.
  • Organic certified honey covers a wide range of honeys from ecological supply source throughout the whole world. These are specialty honeys either for direct consumption or for industrial use in food or other applications.
  • Agave Syrup: a natural sweetener from a wild growing Mexican agave plant. Offered by Norevo either in conventional or in organic certified quality. Agave Syrup is a liquid syrup with strong sweetening properties, adequate for a wide range of food applications.
  • Royal Jelly: the substance to feed the Queen Bee. Extremely rich in nutritional elements both for human consumption or cosmetic use. Norevo supplies fresh royal jelly as well as lyophilized and organic royal jelly.